Amanda’s Story


 Product N° 113 Salve:   

I have arthritic pain in both of my thumbs to the point of requiring pain meds and had tried everything including acupuncture. The pain was taking over my everyday life and putting me at risk for losing my job. We use our hands for everything we do and there were days that I couldn’t even High Five my kids because of the pain. I didn’t know what to do next. Hand surgery was out of the question at this time in my life.                                                                                                                                 

I started to use the salve on a Friday night and within 24 hours I was noticing my throbbing pain was subsiding and by Monday I was able to do things that prior to using the salve was just too painful. Over time I was taking less pain meds and did not need my acupuncture appointments. I apply the salve up to 3 times a day and within 15 minutes of applying I notice a difference in my pain levels. This product has changed my life and I would highly recommend this salve to everyone. I was a disbeliever that anything would help me and now I live close to a pain free day.

Thank you for this amazing product.

Product N° 113 2500mg CBD Tincture:

I currently am taking 3 tincture drops nightly to help with sleep and pain. I have arthritis in my hands (the worst) but also in my hips and knees. At night when I lay down it feels as though there are knives being stabbed into my hips. I started to take the drops to help fall asleep and to not feel the pain. I am able to not only fall asleep without pain meds but stay asleep through the night. People don’t realize that our pain affects our sleep and this product has changed my life. 

~ Amanda