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Product N˚113
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 by Gisella Ragno
The elbows are much better!

Things are good for me. The elbows are much better!
The CBD has been amazing in helping me sleep. I find that when I take it, my mind will silence within 10-15 min. It’s really been helpful! I don’t take it every night but I’d say I take it 50% of the time.

Thanks again!

 by Ashley

Excited To Try More Products From The Line... – Tincture – 350mg
"Loving this oil so far. Had one of the best sleeps ever the other night. My husband also is a fan ? excited to try more products from the line."

- Ashley

 by Steve D.

I'm Sold On This Product... – Pain Relief & Healing Salve – 200mg CBD
"I was having acute pain in my elbow from work. My friend had recommended the salve for inflammation and after 5mins I didn’t notice the pain. I’m sold on this product!"

- Steve D.

 by Sarah

I No Longer Use Advil... – Tincture – 1000mg
"I’ve been seeing great results using the 1000mg for my back pain and cramps. I take about .50ml when my back starts to hurt and within about 25 mins I’m feeling relief. Thank you so much, I no longer use advil!"

- Sarah

 by Carmen Buttigieg

I Am So Pleased With The Results... – Pain Relief & Healing Salve – 200mg CBD
"My problem is in the area between the knuckle of my thumb and wrist. Besides the pain, I had no strength and things would constantly drop out of my hands.
After applying the salve the pain in my thumb was gone in 20 minutes and I regained the strength in my grip.
I’m so pleased with the results and would highly recommend Product N°113."

- Carmen Buttigieg

 by Amanda

This Product Has Changed My Life... – Pain Relief & Healing Salve – 200mg CBD
"The Pain Relief and Healing Salve has made a horrible situation bearable. I have arthritic pain in both my thumbs to the point of pain meds, acupuncture and potentially losing my job. The pain was taking over my everyday life. We use our hands for everything we do and there were days that I couldn’t even High Five my kids. I was at a point of not knowing what to do next and hand surgery at this point of my life was out of the question.

I started to use the Salve on a Friday night and within 24 hours I was noticing my horrible pain was subsisting and by Monday I was able to do things that prior to the Salve was painful. Over time I was taking less pain meds and no more acupuncture. I apply the Slave up to 3 times a day and within 15mins of applying I notice a difference in my pain.

This product has changed my life and would highly recommend this to everyone. I was a disbeliever that anything would help me and now I live a close to pain free day. Thank you for this amazing product."

- Amanda

 by Amanda

I Would Love To Recommend This To Everyone... – Tincture – Full Spectrum – 2500mg
"I currently am taking 3 Tincture Drops nightly to help with sleep and pain. I have arthritis in my hands the worst but also in my hips and knees. At night when I lay down it feels as though there are knives being stabbed into my hips. I started to take the drops to help fall asleep and not feel the pain. I am able to not only fall asleep without pain meds but stay asleep through the night. People don’t realize that our pain affects our sleep and this product has changed my life. I would love to recommend this to everyone. Thank you"

- Amanda

 by Jolande Amoraal

A Dramatic Difference In His Limping And Stiffness... – Pet Tincture – 400mg
"I have a 13-year old toy poodle who suffers from diabetes and arthritis – he broke his paw when he was 2 and now limps heavily when he walks due to pain. I give him this CBD oil twice a day with his insulin shot, and have seen a dramatic reduction in his limping and stiffness. Plus, it tastes like fish so he loves it!"

- Jolande Amoraal


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