I have a 13 year old malamute, Nova, who’s struggling in her old age. Recently I took her to the vet to get a chipped tooth and a small lump on her back leg checked. The results were not good. The tooth cannot be removed because she is too old and weak to be put under anesthetic and the lump is cancerous. On top of that, she was struggling to get up on smooth floor surfaces and her walks barely consisted of a walk at all but opening the door to the backyard. Needless to say I had a tough decision to make!

The vet sent me home with some pain killers and said to come back when I needed to. I called my parents to have a discussion of the best course of action to take. My father convinced me to try Product N˚113 CBD Pet Oil for Nova. Now, I’m not one to try new products for myself or my dog but I figured what do I have to lose at this point?! So she was on pain killers and CBD Oil for the next two weeks. After the first week I saw immediate signs of improvement; in her mood and in her ability to get up. Overall she struggles less. We were also going on walks around the block again. The pain killers have finished and I’m only using the CBD Oil for her and she is still showing the same signs of improvement!

Nova is still an old girl and not running around the park with the other dogs. But, I’m no longer considering having to let her go just yet. The other day I got to take her on a hike like the good old days. This is the best thing my father has forced on me! It’s nice to have the old girl around for a little bit longer.

Product:   Nova takes the 400mg tincture twice a day at .25 she weighs approx. 90 pounds.